I have an MHCI from Carnegie Mellon University and a BA in computer science & linguistics from the University of Rochester. While in school, I was a research assistant at the LearnLab, the Language Technologies Institute, and the IDeATe Network, and completed a capstone project sponsored by The Boeing Company.

Professionally, I’ve worked with teams at Microsoft, Cisco, and other companies in Seattle. I thrive in collaborative, multidisciplinary environments, where design can influence the direction of the product.

Outside of work, I enjoy (mostly vegetarian) cooking, exploring the Pacific Northwest, and collaborating on public art projects with the Seattle Design Nerds.

I attempt to visit a new Seattle coffee shop every weekend. So far, my favorites are the La Marzocco Cafe in Seattle Center, Royal Drummer Cafe in North Ballard, and Barjot in North Capitol Hill. If you’d like to join me next weekend, send me an email!